Scholarships & Grants

INTERIM awards funding for Scholarships and Grants, to improve access to education and training as a psychotherapist and/or counsellor. Awards are for adults over 18 years old, who can have a history and recovery from mental illness and/or emotional distress. Effectively anyone can apply and if selected benefit from the training and education a Scholarship or Grant will give them access too. We particularly want to impact the older age group as they are currently under-represented and an ever increasing demographic. There is no upper age limit.

The value of an award can be up to £6,000 per year. Applicants need to commit to meeting additional costs not covered by an award, themselves. For example, personal therapy and supervision costs.

Scholarships and Grants are intended to cover course fees and maintenance for a counselling and/or psychotherapy training with a recognised British training institution or university and will be re-applied for each year. The maximum number of years an applicant may apply for and be awarded a scholarship or grant is the equivalent of 2 years full time study. Grants may also be awarded to qualified persons wanting to further their personal and professional development as a psychotherapist and/or counsellor. 

Scholarships and Grants are offered on a means-tested basis with financial need being prioritised as a determining factor and therefore may not be for the full amount quoted. The amount awarded will be decided by Trustees.

Applicants must be living in Great Britain and are required to provide evidence they have lived continuously in Great Britain for a minimum of 10 years.  

Scholarships and Grants will only be awarded in principle until evidence is provided by the applicant of an offer of a place on an approved training.

The attached forms provide opportunity for an applicant to help the Trustees understand the nature of the situation for which funding is being pursued, the amount being requested, how this has been worked out and whether this fits within the Objectives of INTERIM. Applicants need to demonstrate their degree of need including the financial situation, any previous awards from other charities, previous education/training if any, current employment status, and detail how crucial an award is for them.

Please refer to: the Role Specifications, the Guidance Form,  the Monitoring Form, the Financial Statement Form